Why Do I Need An Exam & X-Rays?

At Mint Dental Works, we provide comprehensive dentistry. Except in the case of an emergency, a new patient will typically need a comprehensive exam and x-rays done before any other work can be performed, including a cleaning or teeth whitening.


Well, do you need a basic cleaning or a deep cleaning? You may think you need a deep cleaning because you haven’t been to the dentist in 10 years, but that’s not necessarily true—a deep cleaning has more to do with your gums than your teeth.

Only your dentist can determine whether you need a basic or a deep cleaning, and s/he does so by doing a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, which involves taking x-rays.

We must make our own diagnosis

You may want to come in for a filling or crown because your previous dentist told you that you needed one. However, a dentist must make his/her own diagnosis before doing any treatment, and this requires a full exam and x-rays.

What about whitening?

You may want to come in to have your teeth whitened. While we do cosmetic dentistry, we do so only after determining that your mouth and teeth are in a healthy enough state, thus requiring a comprehensive exam and x-rays. You would also need to get any necessary treatment on your front teeth done before whitening. (A cleaning is also highly recommended.)

For instance, if you have a cavity in one of your front teeth, that needs to be treated before any whitening will happen because whitening gel makes your teeth more sensitive and applying it to a tooth with a cavity is a good recipe for pain. You definitely want to take care of any cavities before whitening those teeth.

We provide this level of care to all of our patients

Not all dentists provide this kind of attention-to-detail; however, we provide this level of care to all of our patients.