What Exactly is a Cavity?


What Exactly Is A Cavity? A cavity is literally a hole in a tooth. A tooth is composed of different layers. The outermost layer, the enamel, being the hardest structure in your entire body. For the damage to the tooth to be considered a cavity and require treatment from a dentist, the hole needs to [...]

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Orthodontic Relapse and Invisalign My teeth were straight, but not anymore. Does this scenario sound familiar? You had braces when you were younger. You struggled though all the difficulty of having brackets and wires in your mouth: food caught in your wires, loose wire ends poking your cheeks and lips, figuring out how to effectively [...]


Dental Insurance Terminology Explained


Dental Insurance Terminology Explained Is this you when someone mentions deductibles and coinsurance? Have you ever wondered what exactly in-network and out-of-network mean, especially to your pocketbook? Here’s a fairly short and sweet post on some dental insurance terminology to help you be an informed patient. Yearly max – Also known as the annual [...]

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What’s the Best Dental Insurance?


What’s the Best Dental Insurance? This is one of the most common questions we get asked in the front office. Picking the correct insurance can save you money and headache. If there were a way to prevent getting a ticket wouldn’t you want to know? We may not be a traffic ticket lawyer, but [...]

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Why Do I Need an Exam & X-rays? – I Just Want My Teeth Cleaned!


Why Do I Need An Exam & X-Rays? At Mint Dental Works, we provide comprehensive dentistry. Except in the case of an emergency, a new patient will typically need a comprehensive exam and x-rays done before any other work can be performed, including a cleaning or teeth whitening. Why? Well, do you need a [...]

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