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How Do Teeth Become Stained?


There’s no shortage of teeth whitening solutions. From in-office lasers to at-home whitening kits and snap-on veneers, there have never been more ways to achieve a white smile! But, before you order a custom kit or hit up the drugstore for whitening strips, there’s more you should know about teeth discoloration. Not all stains are [...]

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The Best & Worst Summer Drinks for Your Teeth


It’s summertime, and we’ve traded winter coats and hot cocoa for breezy linens and refreshing umbrella drinks. Unfortunately, though you might be counting down the days until your “Out of Office” is on and your feet are in the sand, because the culprits behind tooth decay and enamel damage never take a vacation. We don’t [...]

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Toothbrush 101


The toothbrush is a staple of good oral hygiene, but owning a toothbrush and knowing how to use it properly are two different things! Most of us don’t really give it much thought; we apply toothpaste, brush, rinse, and move on with our day. Unfortunately, simply brushing twice a day doesn’t mean you’re in the [...]

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Save Your Tooth or Pull It?


If you’ve been experiencing tooth pain, your inclination might be to just pull the problematic tooth and be done with it! Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple. So, before you choose to extract it, make sure you take time to understand the ramifications. Benefits of saving a natural tooth When possible, saving your natural teeth [...]

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Spring Means Blooms, Sunshine & Oral Cancer Screenings


April is oral cancer awareness month. While not as delightful as the other signs of spring – blooming trees and longer days – a focus on early detection is a beautiful thing. While oral cancer (oral cavity and oropharynx cancers collectively) accounts for almost 3% of all cancers diagnosed annually in the United States, it [...]

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Teeth Whitening FAQ’s


Teeth Whitening FAQ's What determines the color of my teeth? The color of teeth is caused by two different things: #1 the pigments in the teeth from when they were formed #2 the extrinsic pigments that over time penetrate the tooth Over time these different pigments can join together causing teeth to appear darker and [...]

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When is Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee Better for your Teeth than 1?


When is Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee Better for your Teeth than 1? When we were kids, we were told that candy or sugar causes cavities. While not incorrect, this explanation falls short of the true explanation and understanding of what really causes cavities. It’s the sugar (the carbohydrates) from the candy that feed the [...]

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What Exactly is a Cavity?


What Exactly Is A Cavity? A cavity is literally a hole in a tooth. A tooth is composed of different layers. The outermost layer, the enamel, being the hardest structure in your entire body. For the damage to the tooth to be considered a cavity and require treatment from a dentist, the hole needs to [...]

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Orthodontic Relapse and Invisalign My teeth were straight, but not anymore. Does this scenario sound familiar? You had braces when you were younger. You struggled though all the difficulty of having brackets and wires in your mouth: food caught in your wires, loose wire ends poking your cheeks and lips, figuring out how to effectively [...]


Dental Insurance Terminology Explained


Dental Insurance Terminology Explained Is this you when someone mentions deductibles and coinsurance? Have you ever wondered what exactly in-network and out-of-network mean, especially to your pocketbook? Here’s a fairly short and sweet post on some dental insurance terminology to help you be an informed patient. Yearly max – Also known as the annual [...]

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